Roofing worker will compete in reality TV show

July 2, 2020

On July 8, a new competition reality TV show, “Tough as Nails,” will premiere to celebrate “everyday Americans who get their hands dirty while working long, hard hours to keep the country running,” according to

Competitors include 61-year-old St. Louis roofing worker Lee Marshall, who will compete alongside a firefighter, welder, farmer and Marine Corp veteran, among others. The competitors will be tested for their strength, endurance, life skills and mental toughness in challenges that take place at real-world job sites. One competitor will be crowned the “Tough as Nails” champion, but nobody will go home; even after competitors “punch out” of the individual competition, they will have the opportunity to win additional prizes in the team competitions that continue during the season.

“Tough as Nails” premieres Wednesday, July 8, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.


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