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News March 17, 2021

Significantly reduced pricing is available for TRAC!

NRCA offers significantly reduced prices for its Training for Roof Application Careers to help you train as many workers as possible.

TRAC is a blend of online and hands-on training your company can use to transform your new and inexperienced employees into quality roof system installers.

NRCA currently offers the TRAC Asphalt Shingle Installation package; TRAC Foreman Management Training package; TRAC Thermoplastic Roof Membrane Installation package; TRAC Low-slope Onboarding package; and TRAC Steep-slope Onboarding package. A one-time purchase gives you unlimited use of the training materials so you can train your employees when it is best for you.

More than 1,000 participants have chosen TRAC to learn how to become quality roof system installers. View the TRAC prices and get more information.


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