Three essential traits for great leaders

July 12, 2022

Traits such as charisma, decisiveness and strategic thinking often are valued in a leader, but the current workplace climate has broadened the scope of characteristics a leader should have to succeed.

Fast Company shares the following three essential traits great leaders possess.

  1. Self-awareness. The Great Resignation happened in part because employees felt uncared for during a scary, tumultuous time and left their jobs because companies prioritized productivity over well-being. Other reasons included low pay and no growth opportunities. Leaders must be able to take a critical look at themselves and reflect. Can they own up to their mistakes? Can they see their own shortcomings? Do they blame external circumstances when things go wrong?
  2. Emotional intelligence. Harvard Business School contributor Tim Stobierski defines “emotional intelligence” as the ability to recognize and manage our own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence helps leaders communicate, motivate, delegate and remain flexible and can maintain a more harmonious workplace.
  3. Trust-building. Not all leaders can build trust, and it often is why company cultures become toxic and organizations lose employees. A key component of fostering trust is communication. Stobiersk says leaders can help build trust through active listening, empathy, transparency and using body language that is open and comforting so others feel comfortable sharing their opinions.

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