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News March 23, 2023

What are four workplace habits of happy employees?

It is no secret that happy employees are more productive, but workplace stress can be an obstacle to worker happiness.

Inc. offers four habits that can boost your happiness at work.

  1. Have a generous mindset. Being generous and doing things for others naturally increases happiness. Studies now show even thinking about doing something generous—such as pledging to give money to a cause—can boost your brain’s happiness levels.
  2. Practice acts of kindness. A study published in the psychology journal Emotion found givers and receivers of acts of kindness in the workplace experienced positive benefits. The givers reported higher levels of life satisfaction and job satisfaction and fewer depressive symptoms. Additionally, receivers of kindness paid it forward; the receivers engaged in nearly three times more pro-social behaviors than the controls. The results support the idea that one random act of kindness can spread through the workplace.
  3. Practice forgiveness. Workplace research found forgiveness was linked to increased productivity, fewer days of missed work, and fewer mental and physical health issues. Greater Good Science Center reports if people let go of negative feelings and learn to forgive, trust can be restored in the workplace.
  4. Seek healthy relationships. Supportive relationships are crucial to a healthy state of mind at work and a positive work experience. Employees with trusting relationships report a significantly more positive work experience than when that support is absent.

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