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News Aug. 30, 2022

What five skills should a great manager possess?

A survey from Gallup found nearly half of employees who leave a job do so because of a bad manager, according to Employee turnover can lead to lost productivity, higher costs and lower morale.

Look for the following five characteristics when you want to hire a great manager.

  1. Transparency and good communication. Employees surveyed by Top Workplaces said they feel well-informed about decision-making and the future of the company. A manager’s open, honest communication helps employees feel more engaged and connected to their daily work tasks and allows them to understand why the work they do is important.
  2. Empathy. Empathizing with customers, team members and other leaders is key for a great manager. A Businessolver survey showed 84% of CEOs said they believed empathy led to better business outcomes. Additionally, Six Seconds research group reports managers with high emotional intelligence led their companies to a 34% higher profit growth compared with other companies. Millennial and Gen Z employees especially want to be seen as people first and employees second.
  3. The ability to delegate well. Great managers can delegate tasks according to each employee’s strengths. They schedule regular one-on-one meetings with team members; observe daily workflow; and identify roles and tasks where each person can be set up to succeed.
  4. Honesty and trust. A study from the Society for Human Resource Management found 61% of employees believe trust between managers and team members are crucial to job satisfaction. To foster trust, managers can institute an open-door policy and encourage employees to share feedback and questions with no negative repercussions. They also can avoid micromanaging and allow employees to work flexible schedules.
  5. Technical skills. A great manager also knows how to manage daily business operations, such as managing a budget, serving customers and scheduling employees. Finding someone who can balance managing your company’s needs with the needs of your employees can help your business thrive.

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