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Date: Nov. 10, 2020
CONTACT: Duane Musser
(202) 400-2592
STATEMENT: NRCA Releases Statement on 2020 Elections, Calls for Bipartisan Cooperation to Address Critical Needs

This statement is attributable to: Reid Ribble, CEO, National Roofing Contractors Association

NRCA is pleased a vast majority of candidates supported by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and ROOFPAC, NRCA’s political action committee, prevailed in the 2020 elections. NRCA congratulates President-elect Biden and all winning candidates on their victories and looks forward to working with lawmakers in the 117th Congress and the incoming Biden Administration to advance NRCA’s policy agenda of maintaining pro-growth tax policies, addressing workforce needs through expanding career and technical education as well as balanced immigration reform, and regulatory policies that minimize burdens on employers.

Established in 1886, NRCA is one of the nation’s oldest trade associations and the voice of roofing professionals worldwide. NRCA’s nearly 4,000 member companies represent all segments of the industry, including contractors, manufacturers, distributors, consultants and other employers in all 50 states and internationally. NRCA members are typically small, privately held companies with the average member employing 45 people and attaining sales of $4.5 million per year. The U.S. roofing industry is an essential $100 billion+ sector with an estimated 1.1 million employees that provides critical materials and services to ensure home and business safety.

NRCA and ROOFPAC will continue working with members of Congress and other candidates who support government policies that enable roofing industry entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and provide high-paying jobs that lead to rewarding careers.



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