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MRCA roof coatings research - A progress report
Jim Carlson; John Daly; Bill Collins; Tony Spigarelli
APP; SBS; polymer modified asphalt; built up roofing; BUR; fire resistance; reflectivity; roof asset management; roof coatings; roof maintenance; roof membrane longevity; roof performance; primer; test roof; weathering; weathershielding benefits; MRCA
The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA), in conjunction with three participating U.S. roof coating manufacturers, are conducting an in-situ research program to study the performance attributes (e.g., weather-shielding benefits, fire resistance, etc.) of liquid-applied roof coatings. Six full-scale test roofs have been coated and are exposed to the weather in four different climatic regions of the United States. Six different, common types of bituminous roof membranes have been used as substrates for testing eight different, commonly available reflective roof coatings. All roofs are weathering into their third year of exposure. As the coatings age and weather, follow-up inspections are revealing interesting changes in the coatings' surface characteristics and performances. MRCA is learning much about the benefits of roof coatings, including which coatings appear to be working well over various bituminous membranes. For example, even at the test site in the harshest climate, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota, it has been discovered that several roof coatings are performing quite well and will undoubtedly prolong the service lives of the roof membranes over which they have been applied. This paper is the first in a series of planned reports whereby MRCA's Technical & Research Committee wishes to share the learned information with the roofing industry at large.

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