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NRCA ProCertification Roof System Installer Certifications

EPDM Systems Installer

The NRCA PROCertified® EPDM Systems Installer certification verifies the knowledge and skill of an experienced roof systems installer.

To become NRCA PROCertified, you must meet all eligibility requirements and pass a hands-on performance exam.

For more information about NRCA PROCertification, including special discounts on application fees, contact Brad Martz, NRCA's director of sales, at (847) 493-7574 or

Quick Start Guide Apply Now

Earn your certification in three steps:

  1. Create an account and login
  2. Pass the eligibility exam and apply
  3. Pass a hands-on skills assessment

Eligibility Requirements

  • A minimum of 24 months’ experience installing EPDM roof systems, including pipe penetration and curb flashing details, sheet layout and attachment, are required. Most recent experience must be within the past 12 months.
  • Passing score on an online, multiple-choice exam
  • Employer validation of work experience, skills and knowledge

NRCA PROCertification Eligibility Exam

Exam info:

  • 60 multiple-choice questions (with audio)

Low-slope eligibility exam and outline:
English exam outline Spanish exam outline

Hands-on Skills Assessment

Candidates have two options to complete this assessment:

Option 1: Contract a Qualified Assessor to conduct the assessment on a mockup. Qualified Assessors are roof system experts, independently contracted by installerd and/or roofing contractord to administer hands-on performance exams. Find an approved Qualified Assessor.

Option 2: The installer submits video and pictures of him or her performing specific tasks on a job or mockup via an app (NRCA will provide a link to the app). NRCA will send the submission to a Qualified Assessor, an independent roof expert, to review and score the installer’s submitted work.

Readiness Checklists

English Spanish

Performance Exam Mockup Design

Mockup Design Specifications

Job Task Analysis

JTAs define the knowledge and skills necessary for a given role. NRCA PROCertification eligibility and hands-on performance exams are based on the information shown in each JTA.

English Spanish

Policies and Guidelines Installer FAQ Apply Now

PROCertification Application Fees

Bulk and special event pricing are available. Contact Brad Martz, NRCA’s director of sales, at or (847) 493-7574

Item Fee

Certification application fee

  • Fee includes one roof system designation

NRCA member price: $799

Nonmember price: $1,599

Three-year renewal fee per designation

NRCA member price: $199

Nonmember price: $399

Certification Renewal

To renew your certification, you must complete training within the three-year renewal cycle. Training can take place in a classroom, real-world or online environment. You can work with manufacturers, distributors, contractors and NRCA to stay on top of training. Be sure to log your training hours and certificates to show NRCA when you’re ready to renew!

The PROCertification renewal process allows NRCA PROCertified® individuals to demonstrate their commitment to continuing education and professionalism. PROCertification Roof System Installer, Service and Maintenance Technician, and Roofing Foreman certification renewal is required every three years.

Members: $199
Nonmembers: $399


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