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NRCA PROCertification offers you:

  • National, professional recognition
  • Independently validated expertise and skills
  • Certifications that stay with you throughout your career
  • Increased employer confidence and value
  • Pride knowing you’re a leading professional in your field

No. NRCA recommends all candidates review NRCA’s PROCertification readiness resources by visiting the Certifications page and clicking "learn more" for your specific designation.

Yes. Candidates can access NRCA PROCertification readiness resources by visiting the Certifications page and clicking "learn more" for your specific designation.

Although more seasoned workers might think they are ready to take their exams without preparation, NRCA recommends all candidates review NRCA's PROCertification readiness checklists, tutorials and job task analyses by visiting the Certifications page and clicking "learn more" for your specific designation.

Yes. They may apply on their own and may be eligible for NRCA member pricing if they do contract work for NRCA member companies.

Testing Information

A Qualified Assessor will conduct and assess the hands-on performance exam. Qualified Assessors ensure installers have the practical skills to execute roof system installations in a safe, efficient manner and have been vetted by NRCA. Independently contracted for their time and service, Qualified Assessors typically are manufacturer tech reps, consultants and registered roof observers.

A hands-on performance exam can be completed with a Qualified Assessor at a contractor’s shop, a testing event and, in some cases, a video submission may be approved.

Yes. All information, materials and tests are available in English and Spanish.

Depending on the roof system, a hands-on performance exam generally takes three to five hours to complete.

You may retake the exam one time. Additional fees may apply. We recommend using the readiness resources to prepare.

All scores are calculated using standard psychometric practices and results are reported as a pass/fail score.

To complete all NRCA PROCertification Performance Exams, you must present a valid (unexpired) government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport or work authorization card.

NRCA can provide general feedback such as area of poor performance but is unable to provide question- or task-specific results.

Yes, you will have to retake the online knowledge exam.


The certification fee includes NRCA staff review of an application plus unlimited access to the online eligibility exam.

No, the Qualified Assessor’s compensation is negotiated between the installer and assessor and is not included in the application fee. Qualified Assessors set their own pricing based on their hourly rate, plus any travel-related expenses.

Certification Renewal

Yes, NRCA PROCertified Installers can renew their certifications every three years by completing and documenting a designated number of hours of system-specific work experience along with technical and safety training.

NRCA PROCertified individuals who hold certifications in more than one roof system will need to complete and document system-specific work experience for each certification held. Technical and safety training hours may be used toward the renewal for multiple certifications if the training was completed within three years of earning each certification. A separate renewal fee is required for each certification.

For more information, visit the NRCA Certification Renewal section.


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