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NRCA ProCertification® FAQ

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Training vs. Certification FAQ

No. NRCA ProCertification is only for experienced, skilled and fully trained workers. If an installer does not have all the skills listed in the readiness checklist, he or she may need additional training.

Although specific training courses are not required to become NRCA ProCertified, NRCA offers training for new or inexperienced employees looking to become skilled, safety-conscious employees.

You can learn more about NRCA’s training programs at

Yes. Candidates can access NRCA ProCertification readiness resource materials at

NRCA's Qualified Trainer Conference and NRCA ProCertification are independent from each other.

NRCA's Qualified Trainer Conference is designed to give your in-house training programs a major boost. The conference gives your trainer(s) the knowledge and skills to be exceptional trainers for your team. Upon completion, your trainer(s) will earn his or her NRCA Qualified Trainer designation—a powerful credential, as well as a solid recruiting and retention tool for your company. NRCA Qualified Trainers will be able to assist those within their companies to become NRCA ProCertified, but NRCA's Qualified Trainer Conference is not a prerequisite for installer or foreman certification.

Separately, NRCA ProCertification allows experienced workers to earn national, professional recognition for their skills—recognition that will enhance your company's performance, image and bottom line!


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